A 16 bit-looking sci-fi adventure game. In a dystopian future where Earth has become inhospitable, the last generation of people on board a failing spaceship that was sent out as an attempt to save mankind struggle to keep the ship’s power running.

  • Free (while in Early Access)
  • Windows support
  • Exploration
  • Adventure game progression
  • 16-bit graphics
  • '80s sci-fi anime aesthetics
  • FM synth music
  • Exploration


Early Access



Play through the career of an office worker, and enjoy the thrills and chills that only an office can offer. Only the most diligent employee will thrive in this harsh world.

  • Costs $1 (one buckaroo)
  • Windows support
  • MIDI music
  • 640x480px resolution
  • 256 colors
  • Adlib sound effects
  • Missions
  • Exploration
  • Easter eggs
  • Secrets


Released Nov 10th 2015

Buck & Miles


A two-player platformer inspired by classic games. Still in production after a failed Kickstarter attempt. Development is funded through other titles and will be fully resumed after other planned releases.

  • Inspired by classic design formulas
  • Singleplayer or co-op
  • 10 worlds
  • 100 levels
  • Windows support
  • OSX support
  • Linux support
  • Handheld support